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DVB Sunglasses

Posted by nad on November 17, 2008

A must have accessory for the the fashionista out there!

These sunglasses are the favourites of Posh Beckham ( she designed it herself !)

Please mail me at if you are interested on purchasing this sunglasses.

Please note that all sunglasses are indeed authentic and comes with its DVB casing. It is cheaper than the usual retail price coz I get it on sale.


image1xl1 image2xl image4xl image3xl

  • DVB01
  • Oversized vintage style sunglasses by dVb
  • Moulded frame with dark tinted lenses
  • Embossed silver effect star motifs to arms
  • Colour: Black only
  • UV400 protection
  • I really really love this sunglasses. I think it suits all type of face and add instant instantaneous glamour to your style. Posh is rarely seen without it.
  • Comes with its DVB casing
  • Price: RM570 ( include postal & packaging cost from UK- Malaysia. Delivery will takes around 2 weeks time to arrive in Malaysia )


image1xl11 image2xl1  image4xl1 image3xl1

  • DVB02
  • Oversized oval sunglasses by dVb 
  • As seen on Naomi Campbell
  • Translucent plastic frame with tinted lenses
  • Branded silver star logo detail
  • Colour: Emerald ( dark green )

    • UV400 protection
    • comes with DVB case
    • Price : RM520 ( including delivery)


    342  image2xl52 image4xl5 image3xl5


    • DVB03
    • As seen on Jennifer Lopez
    • Oversized square frame tint lens sunglasses by dVb
    • Translucent candy stripe print plastic frames
    • Star logo emblem to bent arms
    • Comes with 2 colours : Orange  and also Lime ( I don’t gave the pics for the Lime…sorry )
    • UV400
    • comes with DVB case
    • Price: RM 570 ( Including delivery _

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    TieRack Scarves…and again

    Posted by nad on November 5, 2008

    As promised before…

    As usual, all the prices shown here has been included with packaging and postage price from UK to your destination. Al orders from Singapore, Brunei, Japan and other parts of the world are welcome. All prices are the same no matter where you are with no extra surcharge.

    Delivery from UK is by Royal Mail and will usually takes around 2 weeks to arrive.

    If you are interested in purchasing the scarves, please email me at



    • TR44 – SOLD
    • White background, black border with pale colour flowers. Looks very very sweet. The style is quite similiar to TR30 from my previous post..but this time the floral parts is quite pale.
    • Price: RM65


    • TR45 – SOLD
    • colour: orange and red
    • Price: RM65


    • TR46 – booked by Athirah
    • black border, tie-dye like pattern, orange, red, brown
    • price; RM65


    • TR47 – SOLD
    • pretty black n white theme. Modern design with a touch of floral
    • Price: RM65


    • TR48 – booked Double R
    • price: Rm65


    • TR50 – SOLD
    • black border, cream/light brown flowers, orange and red stripes
    • Price: RM65


    • TR51 – AVAILABLE
    • grey border, with purple and pink theme
    • Price: RM65


    • TR52 – available
    • dark purple border, with stripes of purple, white and brown.
    • Price: RM65


    • TR53 – available
    • Khaki green border, with stripes of dark brown, light brown, white. gold and shades of green. The green is more like khaki rather than normal leafy green. ( green with bronze/brown undertone). Sorry if the pic is not as good as the rest. It was a last minute picture taken using laptop cam.
    • Price: RM65


    • TR54 – SOLD
    • dark purple/ aubergine border, with red, orange and white colour
    • Price: RM65


    • TR55 – available
    • dark blue background, with pretty purplish pink and white modern flower.
    • Price: RM65


    • TR56 – SOLD
    • Pretty aqua blue theme
    • Price: RM65


    • TR57 : booked by double R
    • Aqua blue theme with dark blue border
    • Price: RM65


    • TR58 – sold 
    • Price: RM65


    • TR59 – SOLD
    • simple sweet golden flower with golden border
    • Price : RM65



    • TR60
    • price : RM65



    That’s all for now..I got 2 long scarves…with a few old style coming in. Will post them soon…need to catch up some sleep. It’s midnite here in UK.

    If the scarf that you like has been booked, please don’t hesitate to mail me at . I’ll try my best to find it for you at my local TieRack store.

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    TieRack Scarves

    Posted by nad on October 29, 2008

    These are some of the new design for the TieRack scarves for this autumn season. Most of the colours has the ‘autumish’ theme…with brown, golden and orange tone. Please note that most of the scarves has very limited stock ( even at the TieRack store at my place). So…if you are interested in any of this style…please do mail me at
    Some of these scarves ( especially in the new design ) does not come with the TieRack label as the usual one…but I can really assure you that all of these scarves is indeed TieRack scarves and all made in Italy.

    p/s: all prices has been added with the postage cost. Scarves will usually arrive around 2 weeks max upon payment. If you live around KL area, delivery will usually takes around 1 week.


    • TR31- SOLD
    • material@ 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • price: RM65


    • TR32- SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • RM65



    • TR33 -SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • RM65


    • TR34 – booked by Aini
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • RM65
    • I really really like this scheme colour which reminds me a lot of Gucci Spring 2008 ready to wear collection.


    • TR35 – SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • RM65


    • TR36 – SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • RM65


    • TR37 – AVAILABLE
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • RM65


    • TR38 – booked by Z.T
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • RM65


    • TR39 – AVAILABLE
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • price: RM 65


    • TR40 = SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • price: RM65


    • TR41 – SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • price: RM65


    • TR42 – SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • price: Rm65


    • TR43 – SOLD
    • 100% polyester
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • price: RM65


    That’s all for today. Another new batch coming soon. Stay tune….

    Email me at if you are interested in purchasing these scarf.

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    Hello again!!

    Posted by nad on October 28, 2008

    Salams to all,

    Hope it is still not too late towh you Eid Mubarak!! OK la tu kan…raya kan sebulan! 

    I am soooo sorry for not updating the blog for sooo long! I got tied up with my daily chores…with the school run, and finding nursery for Arish, managing my daily chores with my two boys fighting over every now and then, answering Arish’s “What’s that??” question every 2 seconds…and the list goes on and on.

    Finally I got time to catch up my breath as this week is school holidays!!! ( means more disaster at home…messy living room and kitchen…you don’t want to know!). I got tons of new scarves from TieRack…and still got tons of kids stuff..and also DKNY handbags. 

    I got to catch up some sleep now…It’s midnite here in Stoke and it is freeeezing!! I’ll post my goodies tomorrow and if you are interested…please do mail me as soon as the stock is quite limited. FIrst come first serve!! Don’t forget to check my blog tomorrow at 9.30am ( malaysia time).

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    More TieRack scarves!!!

    Posted by nad on September 5, 2008

    As promised before:

    All scarves by TieRack, 90cmx90cm size and 100% polyester


    • TR14     price : RM 65: AVAILABLE


    • TR15  price : m65 : AVAILABLE
    • colour: plain cream 
    • TR16 – SOLD
    • price : 65
    • TR17 – SOLD
    • price : rm65           











    • TR18 – SOLD
    • price: rm65 


    • TR19- SOLD
    • price: rm65

    • TR20 – SOLD
    • price: RM65


    • plain purple
    • price: RM65
    • TR22- SOLD
    • price: rm65
    • plain shocking pink
    • price: RM65
    • TR24 – AVAILABLE
    • plain pale pink
    • price: Rm65
    • TR25 – SOLD
    • price: RM65
    • TR26 – AVAILABLE
    • price; RM65
    • TR27 – SOLD
    • price: RM65
    • TR28 – AVAILABLE
    • price: RM65
    • TR29-SOLD
    • Price: RM65
    • TR30 – SOLD
    • price: RM65
    If you are interested in any of this scarf, please do not hesitate to mail me at
    HURRY!!! While stock last !!

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    Ramadhan Mubarak!!!

    Posted by nad on September 5, 2008

    Salams to all,

    First of all, thousand apologies from me for not updating the blog for soooo long!!! Too many things happened here…been sooo busy with my daily chores. My first son has just started his nursery at the primary school.

    Gosh..time few so fast!! Feel like it was yesterday I shopped for his baby clothes and now me shop around for school uniforms and black school shoes…which his size is sold out at every Clarks store I went! ( This is the consequences of last minute school uniform shopping!!!)

    And now its Ramadhan again…been quite busy at the start of Ramadhan as I had guest from Malaysia. And now…things has gone smooth again..managed to squeeze time to blog after the ‘sahur’ while my kids are sleeping. Otherwise, I’ll be tug and war with Rayyan, both wanting to use the laptop or if i ever get the chance to use it, Arish will come and roll in front of the screen to stop me browsing the net and gotta give me full extra attention instead! 

    I got lots and lots of stock but my time management is quite poor….but I’ll try my best to snap the pics and upload my blog along ramadhan so that you can have something nice to wear during Eid or Hari Raya  
    ( sigh!! wish i can be at Malaysia…enjoying the last minute preparation of Hari Raya…visiting Pasar ramadhan before the iftar..and of course having a god time with my dear families. sob! sob! )


    Okay….while i update the blog, here;s the preview of the Tie Rack Scarves that I have in stock. Please noe that some of the scarves has been booked..and details pics will come soon.



    Be right back,

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    Clarks Shoes..Boy’s turn now!!

    Posted by nad on July 23, 2008

    • Code: ClarksKids06- SOLD
    • Clarks First Shoes ( this shoes has soft sole..perfect for the lil boy who just started walking..or about to walk. it is advisable not to et them wear the hard sole if they just start walking..unless they’ve been walking steadily for 3 weeks)
    • size: 5G ( UK size ). for size guide, please refer here to ensure perfect fit.  
    • colour: very dark blue
    • material: all leather
    • zap opening..easier to wear.
    • price; RM95 ( plus postage )
    • please email me at if you like this shoes and quote ClarksKids06
    • code: ClarksKids07
    • zap shoes from Clarks Doodles ( also own by Clarks..its just another range )
    • colour: striking orange…i really like this one!!
    • material: kinda like sport shoes. canvas??
    • size: 8  ( UK). only size available for this style
    • price: RM 95 ( plus postage )
    • please email me at if you want this shoes and please quote ClarksKids07
    • code: ClarksKids08
    • size 11.5G
    • material: suede lining, and soft suede leather for the upper part.
    • zap style..easier to wear
    • colour: olive green..kinda a bit brownish
    • price : RM 103 ( due to bigger size  and yes..its postage inclusive )
    • please email me at and quote ClarksKids08 if you want this shoes.
    • code: ClarksKids09 – BOOKED
    • material: all leather
    • size: 7G. other size please request
    • colour: olive green
    • price: RM95 ( plus postage )
    • please email me at and quote ClarksKids09 if you want to buy this shoes
    • code: ClarksKids10
    • size: 5G
    • material: all leather
    • colour: dark grey and white
    • price: rm95 ( plus postage )
    • email me at with the code ClarksKids10 if you want to buy this shoes

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    Clark Shoes for Kids – Part 2

    Posted by nad on July 23, 2008



    • Code: ClarksKids04
    • colour: white, light green
    • all leather 
    • size 3.5 F  ( UK Sizing ). For size guide , please refer here to ensure that the shoes really fit.
    • price: RM95 ( plus postage )
    • please mail me at if you are interested with this shoes..along with the code. 
    • baby shoes from Mothercare
    • code : mothercare01
    • size 2 ( up to 9 months)
    • material: soft leather with cotton lining
    • very pretty red..please someone buy this shoes for your baby girl ( sighh…i wish I have a girl!!)
    • price: RM65 ( plus postage )
    • please email me at if you want this shoes and quote the code
    • Baby shoes from Mothercare
    • size 1: up to  months
    • soft shoes, all made from cotton..very soft for the precious one tiny feet!
    • with satin ribbon…like a pretty ballerina
    • colour: white, pale pink, with plae flowers scattered around.
    • price: RM65 ( plus postage )
    • if you like this shoes, please email me at at quote mothercare02
    • very pretty canvas shoes from Doddles Clarks.
    • perfect with pants or skirt 
    • zap shoes…easier to wear
    • size: 7F ( the only size available for this style)
    • price : RM95 ( plus postage )
    • mail me at if you want this shoes and quote ClarksKids05

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    TieRack Scarves

    Posted by nad on July 21, 2008

    Thanks all for your patience on waiting for me to upload the pics. And sorry if the quality of the pics does not satusfy you..and sorry for the creases too…( I got to rush to take pics while the kids are busy…otherwise…youcan see them in every pics…or at least their tiny lil fingers on the lens!! )




    • colours: pink, white, aubergine ( or they called maroon in malaysia )
    • size: 90cm x 90xm
    • material: 100 % polyester
    • price: RM65 ( include postage )
    • code: TR05
    • colour: pink, white
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • material : 10% polyester
    • price: RM65 ( plus postage )



    • code: TR06 – BOOKED BY LINDA
    • colour: red, pink, white, black
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • material: 100% polyester
    • price: RM 65 ( plus postage )



    • code: TR07
    • colour: blue, light blue, gold
    • i like this reminds me a lot of versace style. easy to match with anything.
    • pardon the creases..its been folded in the bag too long. 🙂
    • the actual colour is on the 3rd and 4th pics…its more bluish rather than pale blue/grey and the gold really stands out
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • material: 100% polyester
    • price: RM65 ( plus postage )
    • code: TR08 – BOOKED BY HANE
    • colour: light green, blue, white
    • very sweet, pretty pastel colours.
    • sorry if the quality pics are not so good. but this scarf is really really beautiful under natural light. even though the colours look muted and subtle..but the greenish tone is really pops out under the sun.
    • pardon the creases again…
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • material:  100% polyester
    • price: RM65( plus postage )
    • code: TR09 – BOOKED BY HANE
    • simple checked scarf
    • colour: quite dark blue, black and tiny yellow
    • i like this simple scarf…god for pairing it with business suit. kinda like burberry ehh!!
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • material: 100% polyester
    • price: RM65 ( plus postage )
    • code: TR10
    • colours: purple,dark blue, light cream, dark cream ( almost brown…think foundation colours ) and bluish green or greenish blue ( i just don’t know how to describe the colour )
    • I don’t know why I picked this scarf..I guess because its uniqueness. It reminds me a lot of art deco style…or maybe the writing during pharaoh period…but i liked it a lot. all the pastel colours combined and make this look soo retro…I love it!!
    • size: 90cm x 90cm
    • material: 100% polyester
    • Price: RM65 ( plus postage )
    • long thin scarf from TieRack
    • code : TR11
    • colour: aubergine, dusty pink, light cream, dark cream ( think foundation again!!) and black.The design is soooo retro!!
    • I dont have measure tape right now..but i can easily say..the length of the scarf is more than 1 ‘depa’ ( get what i mean…open your arms wide…its from the furthest  point on the right to the left )
    • around 2 inch wide
    • i love this scarf. It can be worn multiways!!! You can tie at your neck, or as a belt..or also to accessorize your handbag. So tres chic!!
    • by the way, that brown handbag is available for sale too!! Its a full leather handbag..( the leather is sooo divine…very soft!!) It’s from Clarks. and 100% genuine leather. 
    • okay..back to the scarf, the price is RM35 ( plus postage )
    • code: TR12
    • colour: very light green, light green, brown, blue, cream
    • the size is the same as TR11
    • price: RM35 ( plus postage )
    • code: TR13
    • colour: black, olive green, yellow, cream, orange and lil bit of red and purple.
    • wide oblong scarf
    • wide: around 12 inch ( just my estimate )
    • length: 1 “depa ” 
    • alhough this scarf is a bit wide than the previous TR11 and TR12, it still can be worn multimways too. Wear it as a bandana…and you already look like bohemian gypsy girl!. And if you folded it up few times…it still can be worn as belt, or tie around your neck or to jazz up your handbag!!
    • for the scarf wearer( lilit2 style, I dont think it can be worn that way..unless you want to cover it with a lil bit of black anak tudung..then you are good to go. The black anak tudung goes nicely with this carf as it has the black background…and it wont be that obvious other piece of scarf)
    • price: RM 50 ( plus postage )
    Dear all,
    I know my price for the scarf is a lil bit higher than what you can get in Malaysia..but believe it or not…the price I’m paying now is almost the same as in have to include the postage price in it…so i hope you understand.
    Of course…the more you buy scarf..the cheaper the postage will be. So don’t forget to ask me for discount!! 🙂
    oopssy…and please note ya…al scarves above are from TieRack. I was taking he pics as fast as I could yesterday..and my memory storage is a lil bit limited. Sorry again!!

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    More goodies coming soon..

    Posted by nad on July 18, 2008

    Dear all,

    I wish i can upload more…but taking care of two small boys alone ( the daddy is only home for the weekends ) is a lot challenge to me. ( At the time I’m writing this, both of them are fighting over some cable..and demanding some attention!! )

    I have lots and lots of scarves from TieRack, lots of girls dresses, and of course Clarks shoes for kids. I haven’t shopped for adult Clarks yet…but yes…more items coming soon. ( its worth to bookmark my blog ! 🙂 )

    I really gotta go. Arish now is crying on my lap.


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